Airport FAQ

Airport FAQ

Do I need to complete a travel declaration or test?

No. The State of Alaska has no special entry or travel testing requirements. Travelers interested in receiving a COVID-19 test in Anchorage can find more information at anchoragecovidtest.org.

What can I take through the security checkpoint?

Security checkpoints at all major American airports are administered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Please visit the TSA website for specific information about permitted and prohibited items.

Can I fly without a picture ID?

Maybe. According to TSA: In the event you arrive at the airport without valid identification, because it is lost or at home, you may still be allowed to fly. A TSA officer may ask you to complete an identity-verification process, which includes collecting information such as your name, current address, and other personal information to confirm your identity. If your identity is confirmed, you will be allowed to enter the screening checkpoint. You will be subject to additional screening, to include a patdown and screening of carry-on property.

You will not be allowed to enter the security checkpoint if your identity cannot be confirmed, you choose to not provide proper identification, or you decline to cooperate with the identity-verification process.

How do I get to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC)?

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport
5000 W International Airport Rd (South Terminal)
Anchorage, AK 99519-6960

Direction to ANC, click here.

For terminal maps and parking, click here.

How early should I arrive before my flight?

TSA recommends arriving three hours prior to your flight or even earlier during busy travel periods, such as the holidays.

How can I contact Lost and Found?

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) Lost & Found office is located in the lower lobby of the Short term Parking Garage. If you lost an item in an ANC terminal, parking garage or shuttle bus, please visit our office or report the item below. Found items are held for 90 days.

To report items that were lost at the security checkpoint or any location within the airport, use this form:

For items lost on an aircraft, contact the airline directly. Here is contact information for all airlines that serve ANC.

Missing some luggage? Every airline has its own luggage office located downstairs in the baggage claim area. If your airline’s luggage office is closed, please contact the airline directly. 

If you lost an item in an ANC terminal, parking garage or shuttle bus, please visit our office or report the item below. Found items are held for 90 days.

Airline Contact
Air Canada 907-331-3148
Alaska Airlines

907-266-7952; Option #5 Items

lost after 5 days; 1-877-815-8253
Allegiant 907-301-2714 after 5:00 AST
American 907-245-0503

907-301-2714 after 5:00 AST


Conoco Phillips 907-263-3584


Grant Aviation 1-888-359-4726
Iceland Air 907-331-3148
Pen Air 907-771-2615
Ravn 907-865-8735
Sun Country 907-301-2714


1-800-335-2247 (Outside normal business hours)

How do I page someone at ANC?

If you need us to make a public announcement throughout the terminal asking someone to contact you, please call the Airport Communications Center at 907.266.2411.

Does the airport close at night?

No. Our South Terminal is open 24 hours every day, including holidays. Since food-service hours are subject to change, please visit our Service Directory for the most up-to-date information.

Can I store luggage at the airport?

Yes. The baggage-storage vendor at the airport is Huntleigh USA. They are located on the lower level by Baggage Claim 4. To utilize their services, you must present a valid and current airline ticket or boarding pass. If possible, we recommend contacting them prior to your arrival to confirm availability and hours of operation:

Huntleigh USA
Level 1, behind Baggage Claim 4

Is wireless internet available at ANC?

Yes. We offer free WiFi internet access in both terminals at ANC. Click here for assistance in connecting to our WiFi.

Where can I smoke at ANC?

Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas outside on the commercial curbs of both the South and North terminals. Smoking is not permitted anywhere else within ANC.

Does ANC offer curbside check-in?


Can I escort a child, elderly adult, or member of the U.S. military to the gate?

Maybe. Procedures for obtaining gate passes to accompany a minor, elderly adult, or U.S. military member to a gate beyond the TSA security checkpoint vary by airline. Please contact the traveler’s airline for its policy.

Where is the Cellphone Waiting Area?

Our Cellphone Waiting Area is located in a designated area of the DOT-PF Central Region Headquarters parking lot – just two minutes’ drive from both our South and North terminals. It’s the perfect spot to relax until your traveler calls to tell you they are ready to be picked up. You can then you can pick them up at the terminal’s curb – rather than park and walk inside.

There are 15 parking spots available in the Cellphone Waiting Area Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and more than 30 spots during evenings and weekends.

Drivers must stay with their vehicles. Parking along International Airport Road is strictly prohibited.

Directions to the Cellphone Waiting Area:

From International Airport Road, turn right at the Aviation Avenue Exit and follow signs to the lot. Here’s a map.

Where do I pick up a pet?

A pet traveling on the same flight as its owner may be picked up at baggage claim in the oversize-luggage area. For pets shipped separately, contact your airline for pick-up instructions.

Please keep all pets in a kennel or on a leash while inside the ANC terminal.

Pet-relief areas are located at both South and North terminals adjacent to the baggage claim doors.

Where do I pick-up or drop-off cargo?
4100 Old International
Airport Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99502
4370 Old International
Airport Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99502
4001 Old International Airport Rd. Unit #9 Anchorage, AK 99502

5275 Freyholtz Lane
Anchorage, AK 99502 907.243.7248
3350 Old International Airport Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99502
3900 Old International
Airport Rd.
Anchorage, AK 99502
What happens if the plane is delayed on the tarmac?


GARAGE UPDATE: The airport parking garage is operating at 50% reduced capacity until October 2023 as maintenance work is completed. Travelers are encouraged to allow extra time when arriving to utilize offsite parking if needed (learn more). Motorists looking for their vehicle moved due to the construction, or any other parking issue, can call Republic Parking at 907-677-1074.