Visit MRO Americas Booth #1140 to learn why Alaska is the perfect location for MRO.

Visit MRO Americas Booth #1140 to learn why Alaska is the perfect location for MRO.

Alaska outline

Anchorage, Alaska

Connecting Asia and North America

If you build an MRO facility at ANC, your clients can stop shipping aircraft and engines to the middle of the continent for service. That saves your clients time and money.

Welcome to the great circle route.

Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is the world’s 4th-busiest cargo airport because it is strategically located between Asian and North American markets.

ANC MRO Statistics

ANC is the perfect location for an MRO facility.

  • 2,600+ aircraft engines fly through ANC each year en route to overhaul
  • Close to the Boeing supply chain
  • Regular Boeing Dreamlifter visits
  • Most aircraft mechanics in U.S. per capita
  • 9 U.S. military bases (3 Air Force) nearby
  • 2 A&P mechanic schools nearby
  • 4,000+ acres of land leases available at ANC
  • Land-lease rates as low as $0.18 per square foot
  • Already an MRO hub for FedEx, Alaska Airlines

Available space, skilled workforce, great quality of life.

With more than 4,000 acres of land leases available for as little as $0.18 per square foot, Alaska’s Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) can accommodate virtually any size or type of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) or parts distribution facility.

Over 31,500 widebody freighters, including Dreamlifters, land at ANC annually, some carrying the 2,600 engines that traverse the Pacific en route to MRO service thousands of miles away. Locating your MRO facility at ANC shortens that route significantly and saves you – and your clients – time and money. That’s why FedEx and Alaska Airlines built dedicated MRO facilities here.

Alaska has a strong aviation culture, two universities with FAA-approved A&P programs, 3 U.S. Air Force bases and the nation’s highest number of aircraft mechanics per capita.

What’s more, the quality of life is exceptional, with good air, water and other environmental factors, surprisingly great restaurants and brewpubs and – hands down – the best fishing and hunting in the world. Between all the hiking, softball and soccer under summer’s midnight sun and the skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling under winter’s aurora borealis, your team will ask why you didn’t come here years ago.

Welcome to the best spot on the globe for your MRO facility serving trans-Pacific airlines or parts-distribution facility serving Asia and North America.

Welcome to the center of the air-cargo world.

Welcome to Alaska.

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GARAGE UPDATE: The airport parking garage is operating at 50% reduced capacity until October 2023 as maintenance work is completed. Travelers are encouraged to allow extra time when arriving to utilize offsite parking if needed (learn more). Motorists looking for their vehicle moved due to the construction, or any other parking issue, can call Republic Parking at 907-677-1074.