Our Vision

By 2023, Alaska International Airport System (AIAS) is a global AeroNexus for aviation related commerce. We will be a model government – owned enterprise, adaptive and agile We will proactively address global changes and world markets We will operate safely while striving for efficiency We will be a coveted place to work We will optimize […]

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Core Values

From our history to date and from the commitments that we all share now about the future, we have defined the values that should guide all of our activities and staff in the years to come. These are our core values: Integrity: Honesty, dependability, unity and a high ethical standard Enterprising: Innovative, proactive, pioneering, business-centric airport system […]

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GARAGE UPDATE: The parking garage is currently at capacity and the number of available spaces will be reduced by 50% beginning March 20 as improvements begin on levels 3 & 4. Read more. With long term parking being full, in response, we strongly encourage you to plan ahead for alternative parking.