Where do I pick up a pet?

A pet traveling on the same flight as its owner may be picked up at baggage claim in the oversize-luggage area. For pets shipped separately, contact your airline for pick-up instructions. Please keep all pets in a kennel or on a leash while inside the ANC terminal. Pet-relief areas are located at both South and […]

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Where is the Cellphone Waiting Area?

Our Cellphone Waiting Area is located in a designated area of the DOT-PF Central Region Headquarters parking lot – just two minutes’ drive from both our South and North terminals. It’s the perfect spot to relax until your traveler calls to tell you they are ready to be picked up. You can then you can […]

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Where can I smoke at ANC?

Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas outside on the commercial curbs of both the South and North terminals. Smoking is not permitted anywhere else within ANC. […]

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Can I store luggage at the airport?

Yes. There are two baggage-storage vendors at the airport. To utilize their services, you must present a valid and current airline ticket or boarding pass. If possible, we recommend contacting them prior to your arrival to confirm availability and hours of operation: Alaska Luggage & Seafood Shipping ServicesLevel 2, across from the TSA security checkpoint907.644.8256 […]

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GARAGE UPDATE: The parking garage is currently at capacity and the number of available spaces will be reduced by 50% beginning March 20 as improvements begin on levels 3 & 4. Read more. With long term parking being full, in response, we strongly encourage you to plan ahead for alternative parking.