May 2022

  1. ANC Infrastructure Construction:
    • The most noticeable construction project that continues to impact the public is the rehabilitation of the terminal loop road. We are striving to have the traffic pattern return to its usual route the Friday before Memorial Day weekend; however, construction will be ongoing through the summer. The much-needed upgrades include storm drain improvements, asphalt resurfacing and signage improvements.
    • Lake Hood gravel strip 14/32 is getting a bit more of a facelift this year. The strip rehabilitation starts the first week of May. Active construction will last approximately two weeks then the strip will be given a week to set before the planes are welcomed back to use it.
    • An overview of ANC projects can be found online at https://dot.alaska.gov/anc/documents/2022-ANC-Projects.pdf
  1. Cell Phone Parking Lot:

Ever feel like you are just going around in circles? Well, to cut one more pointless circle out of your life, how about visiting our lovely, FREE cell phone parking lot that overlooks the world’s largest seaplane base— the pristine, one(two?)-of-a-kind Lakes Hood and Spenard. Especially with construction of the Terminal Loop Road, parked or idling vehicles at curb present safety issues and traffic congestion. Only vehicles conducting active loading/unloading should be at the curb. The cellphone lot is conjoined with the DOT&PF Central Region Headquarters (the Upside-down building) parking lot – minutes away from ANC (did we mention it is FREE?). Click HERE for directions. Additionally, parking in the garage is free for the first 30 minutes.

  1. The Tourists are Coming!

Alaska is open for business, and we are spiffying up our welcome mat right here at ANC. Seat capacity coming into ANC is slated at roughly 5% higher than pre-pandemic summer travel in 2019. That is exciting news as Alaska has a robust tourism industry which helps charge the economy for Anchorage and the state. 

  1. Spring Cleaning!!

April (snow) showers brings May flowers… and rubbish hidden from the winter’s worth of snow melting away. May 6 is Clean Up Day for ANC. If you would like to participate on the day, or on your own schedule, you can pick up trash bags from Airfield Maintenance shop at 4100 Aircraft Drive. We appreciate all the help we can get keeping airport property looking its best.

  1. Walking with a Purpose!

Walk MS: Anchorage 2022 will take you for a lovely stroll, rain, or shine, around the Lake Hood Seaplane Base on May 14 at 1000 AM.  The event starts and finishes at the Lake Front Hotel (4800 Spenard Rd.). Be sure to say hello to Airport Police and Fire’s ‘Team Q’ while you are there. Our officers are walking to show support for a beloved co-worker that lives with MS. More information regarding Walk MS: Anchorage 2022 can be found online at Walk MS: Anchorage 2022 (donordrive.com).

  1. Lake Hood Seaplane Base:

Going… going… soooo close… When will the ice go out?? Short answer is, we don’t know.  History and current conditions tell us that the first week of May is a good bet, but the ice can go out any time from late-April to mid-May. The ice condition fluctuates due to Spring temperatures, sun exposure, and wind. Pilots should always check the FAA NOTAMs prior to utilizing the aerodrome to verify up-to-date weather and ice conditions. Only aircraft and ANC official vehicles are allowed on Lake Hood and Lake Spenard. NO PEOPLE OR PETS ARE ALLOWED on lake surfaces, this is for everyone’s safety.

  1. Airport Recruitment:

There are always jobs at the airport! ANC and surrounding businesses are hiring and would like you to consider applying. Potential employers, in addition to state of Alaska positions, can be found at JoinANC.com or through Local 71 at the following web addresses: local71.com/jobs. Click HERE to view recruitment videos. 

  1. Does your destination require a COVID test or proof of vaccination?

Travelers destined for locations that require proof of a negative test or a vaccination certificate must have their documentation with them prior to arriving at ANC. Boarding decisions are made by the individual airlines, not ANC. There is not a public testing site in the terminal. To find testing locations, visit https://anchoragecovidtest.org/.

  1. Masks Optional:

In late April, The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced the expiration of Security Directive 1542-21-01:  Security Measures Face Mask Requirements. The federal mask mandate is no longer in effect. Travelers should check with their carriers and their destination prior to travel to determine what, if any, requirements exist for masks.

  1. Sign up for GovDelivery:

For those that want to receive important public notices right in their email inbox are encouraged to sign up at service.govdelivery.com/accounts/AKDOT/subscriber/new. The official public notice website for the state of Alaska is located at Welcome – Alaska Online Public Notices (state.ak.us).

  1. Questions/Concerns/Comments: We want to hear from you! – Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ancairport.com) When you use the online portal, it helps us more efficiently field your message and get the right person to provide a response, if applicable.
  1. Contact for ANC Monthly Updates:

ANC does its best to provide information that will be useful and meaningful to our neighbors. Updates are prepared by Megan A. Peters, ANC Communications Coordinator. Ms. Peters can be emailed at megan.peters@alaska.gov.

GARAGE UPDATE: The airport parking garage is operating at 50% reduced capacity until October 2023 as maintenance work is completed. Travelers are encouraged to allow extra time when arriving to utilize offsite parking if needed (learn more). Motorists looking for their vehicle moved due to the construction, or any other parking issue, can call Republic Parking at 907-677-1074.