Curb FAQs

Curb FAQ

Why has the airport changed the curbside waiting policy?
  • The decision to change the policy on curbside waiting was made with safety in mind. Recent increases in passenger traffic have led to an influx of vehicles coming through the lower level area. This causes frequent congestion which can block the emergency lane of traffic and make the area unsafe for both drivers and pedestrians.

If I cannot wait on the curbside, where can I wait?

Directions to the free Cell Phone Lot: Traveling west on International Airport Road, just after passing the Jewel Lake/Spenard intersection, take the first right onto Aviation Avenue Exit and follow the signs to the lot. Navigate to the Cell Phone Lot.

NOTE: Parking along International Airport Road is strictly prohibited.

Other areas to park while you wait:

When should I go to the arrival curb to pick up my travelers?
  • When your travelers have collected all their luggage and contacted you to tell you which door they are located by.

What if my traveler or I do not have a cell phone to communicate?
  • A good plan is to arrive 20-30 minutes after the aircraft is scheduled to land, to give your travelers time to collect their baggage. If you do not see your party waiting for you on the curbside, you can ask a member of security to check the arrival time for you and then adjust your plan.

What if I am needed to assist our inbound travelers?
  • The best way to assist your travelers would be to park in the parking garage and go inside the terminal to meet them. This way you can assist them as needed.
  • There are also services the airlines provide for unaccompanied minors or persons needing wheelchair assistance.

What if our traveler has brought out a bag to load but must go back inside for more?
  • The traveler should bring all their bags outside before contacting you. If they are still waiting for bags to come off the bag belt, then you will need to depart the curbside until they are ready to actively load again.

GARAGE UPDATE: The airport parking garage is operating at 50% reduced capacity until October 2023 as maintenance work is completed. Travelers are encouraged to allow extra time when arriving to utilize offsite parking if needed (learn more). Motorists looking for their vehicle moved due to the construction, or any other parking issue, can call Republic Parking at 907-677-1074.