The recruitment process could span up to six months, and includes:

  • Online Application
  • Background Application
  • Physical Agility Test*
  • Oral Board Interview
  • Truth Verification Testing
  • Background Investigation
  • Psychological Fitness Test & Interview
  • Medical Exam
  • Chief’s Interview

*Test requirements are detailed on the FAQ page. This test is demanding – please review requirements and practice at home prior to participating in the recruitment process.


Upon hiring, you’ll be eligible for a stellar collection of benefits.

  • Competitive pay. Starting pay $30.07 and $37.51 after five years. https://doa.alaska.gov/dof/payroll/sal_sched/0721apw.pdf
  • Excellent medical coverage: officers can select one of four options for whichever plan best suits the officer and his/her family.
  • Leave accrual
    • Less than two years of service: 6:27 per pay period, for a total of 168 hours per year.
    • More than two years but less than five years of service: 8:04 per pay period for a total of 210 hours per year.
    • More than five years but less than 10 years of service: 9:41 per pay period for a total of 294 hours per year.
    • More than 10 years but less than 15 years of service: 11:18 per pay period for a total of 294 hours per day.
    • 15 years or more of service: 12:55 per pay period for a total of 336 hours per year.
  • Seven days off in every two-week period
    • Work one week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, off Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
    • Following week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, off Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Advanced Placement

Those with previous experience or certifications could be eligible for advanced step placement.

Law Enforcement Officer:

  • APSC Basic Certification minimum to qualify
  • Each full year of police experience beyond the first year, with arrest powers and activity, will qualify as a step, up to 6+ years, which would cap at Step F.
  • LEO Experience Steps: 1:A 2:B 3:C 4:C 5:E 6:F


  • EMT 1 Certification, or higher, will qualify you for a single step advancement, with at least 1 year of applicable-EMS experience and use.


  • Firefighter I minimum to qualify
  • IFSAC Firefighter 2 certification with AFSC will qualify for a single step above A, with at least 1 year of applicable firefighting experience and use
  • IFSAC ARFF certification with AFSC will qualify for an additional single step, with at least 1 year of applicable ARFF firefighting experience and use


  • Fire certifications and LEO years of experience will not pyramid, i.e. you will receive the highest of either the 2 areas. The EMT I certification will pyramid onto either.

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